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Terms of Use

1. Contract
Rules including Exhibition Requirements, Exhibitor Forms Packet, and Service Order Kit will be in effect as a binding contract between the Applicant, their Representative, and the SMART GEOSPATIAL EXPO 2020 Organizer. The Organizer can add and/or modify the Rules, and the altered rules will have the same legal effect.

2. Payment / Withdrawals / Reducing
A.Applicants should complete full payment within 2weeks from the submission of the irregistration form.Payment must be made in Korean currency (Bank transfer only). Due date of full payment is as following:
B. In the event of default of payment within 2 weeks, the Organizer shall reserve the right to cancel, and/or alter the assigned booth.
C. Any complaints about the booth location must be sent to the SMART GEOSPATIAL EXPO 2020 Organizer within 5 days from the assignment. Otherwise, the assigned booth will be considered as final.
D. Withdrawal after the booth assignment will be penalized as following:
E. Should the Applicant wish to withdraw, written notice must be submitted to the Organizer. Otherwise the withdrawal will not be accepted. Official date of withdrawal will be the same date as the submission of written notice.
F. The Organizer has the right to re-assign the booth assigned to the Applicant after withdrawal.

3. Booth Assignment
The booth will be assigned according to first paid first serve basis. The Organizer has full authority to accept or reject any Applicants.

4. Shared Booth
Exhibitors cannot share, allocate, or make subcontract to other parties, without any written approval from the Organizer.

5. Responsibility and Insurance
Exhibitors and their co-exhibitors are not to cause or permit any damage to be done to the exhibition venue, equipment or other properties therein. The Exhibitor will be held responsible for any damage caused by act or omission of the exhibitor, their co-exhibitor, contractor, agents, representatives, and employees, and will need to compensate.

6. Exhibition Standard
The Organizer has the right to prohibit any activities which goes against the original purpose of the Exhibition. The Organizer can demand exhibitions deemed inappropriate to be changed. The Organizer also retains the right to forbid any exhibitions, advertisements, and print-outs which can damage the reputation of the Exhibition.

7. Booth and Exhibition.
The Organizer hasthe right to decide booth locations, and Exhibitors are expected to follow the decision of the Organizers. Displays and Sign boards for promotions cannot be exceed the height limit of 5m from floor (as an independent booth). Also, placing any objects on the pathways are strictly forbidden. Any designs and activities which fail to comply will be banned.

8. Booth Usage and Prohibitions
A. Exhibitors are responsible for representing their own company. At least one representative must be present at the booth during the exhibition period.
B. All exhibitions must be confined to the assigned booth. Under no circumstances are Exhibitors allowed to place objects in the passage, especially due to fire/emergency regulations. Also, performances unrelated to their exhibitions are forbidden. Performances related to their exhibitions are only permitted within the confined booth locations and will require permission from the Organizers. Handing out samples and souvenirs are only permitted in booths which are allowed via contract.
C. Sound effects are allowed as long as it does not interfere with other Exhibitors. If other Exhibitors make complaint regarding sound, the Organizers will demand the sound effect to be stopped.
D. Sales or advertisements of product from non-exhibitors, cannot be used as an exhibition.
E. Any products injected with gas, which is lighter than oxygen, will be forbidden.
F. Animals of all kinds (including invertebrates) cannot be used as an exhibition. In the event of such exhibitions taking place, the Organizers can force the Exhibitor to withdraw, without any compensation regardless of their reputation and/or financial losses.

9. Photography / Video / Recording
Any form of recording and photography made within the exhibition cannot be used commercially, without permission from the Organizer.

10. Copyrighted Materials
Exhibitors need prior permission to use any copyrighted materials (music, photos, and other publications). Exhibitors will need to provide proof that they have permission to use the material, or a proof that no permission is required for the material. Otherwise the Organizer can force part, or the entire exhibition to stop due to copyright infringement. The Exhibitor is fully responsible for any copyright violations, and the Organizer will not be held responsible in anyway.

11. Product Sale Prohibition
Exhibitors are not allowed to sell in the exhibition. However, they can receive order for their products.

12. Fire Precautions Regulations.
A. All the materials used by exhibitors will be non-flammable according to the Fire Service Act.
B. In case of need, Organizer claim necessary action to exhibitors related to fire precautions.

13. Security 
A. Organizer has the responsibility for exhibitors and visitors to take security measures.
B. Getting damaged and stolen exhibits taking place when preparation, exhibition, removing period is strictly responsible for exhibitors.

14. Permission
The Organizer retains full authority in the entry permission of the exhibition. All visitors are allowed entry in accordance to the exhibition rules.

15. Alteration of Rules
Any particular not detailed by the contract will follow the Organizer's opinion. The contract's goal is dedicated to the success of the exhibition, and details are subject to change should the Organizer deem necessary. The changed rules and terms hold the same effect and will require exhibitors to comply.

Policy on Handling Personal Information

1. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information
  SMART GEOSPATIAL EXPO 2020 collected personal information for the following purposes.
  On the implementation of services and service providers in accordance with the contract price settlement Content provided Membership Management 
- Identity verification for provision of services to account holders, prevention of personal information it holds from misuse and from unauthorized access, confirmation on intention of participation to the event, handling complaints and any other issues participants may raise Marketing and Promotion
- Promotion of events, Calculate statistics on use of services by account holders and frequency of visits 

2. Personal data collected
  SMART GEOSPATIAL EXPO 2020 collects following personal information for the purpose of account registration, service request, etc.

  : Name, Date of birth, Company name, Company website, Company address, Industry category, Account ID, Password, Phone number, e-Mail, Access logs, Cookies, IP information, Company description, 2018 Revenue, the year of company foundation, Number of employees etc. 

  Method of collection: Account registration at SMART GEOSPATIAL EXPO 2020 Website (https://www.smartgeoexpo.kr)

3. Period of possession and use of personal information
   : SMART GEOSPATIAL EXPO 2020 shall discard all personal information after it achieves its purpose for information collection stated above.