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Domestic showcase

Date -
Venue Conference room 301, 3rd floor, COEX
Participants 30 presenters (from 15 public sector institutions and 15 corporations)
Central government (5), local government (5), public institution (5), and corporations on spatial information (15)
Main contents
  • A 10-min presentation in turn by the public sectors and corporates
    • (Public sector) Introduction to the concept, best practices, and entry strategies on the spatial information projects promoted by the government, municipals, and public institutions in 2019-2020 (10 mins).
    • (Corporate) Description of the companies’ new technologies and products (10 mins).
    • (Intensive counseling) Public-corporate business meetings on analogous business practices.
  • A business lounge is operated within the exhibition hall to facilitate the counseling.
  • Allowance, training hours, and commemorative trophies

Technology presentations

  • A technology conference to introduce interesting technologies to personnel in the public sector who have the potential to coordinate projects on spatial information.
  • A technical session will be held in parallel with one of the conference programs where a majority of the project officials are scheduled to attend.
2019 national spatial information policy coordination project workshop
Date / Venue -
Presenters 6 participant companies selected based on the pre-questionnaire given out to the officials.
Participants 50-80 public officials whose duty is to call for projects on spatial information.
Main contents A 10-min presentation for each participant and a luncheon (calling for participants)
Policy discussion on cadastral resurvey
Date / Venue -
Presenters 3 to 6 participant companies with new technologies on cadastral resurvey.
Participants Around 80 participants including coordinators of projects in relation to cadastral resurveys
Main contents A 10-min presentation for each company (calling for participants)
Technology presentations
Date / Venue -
Presenters / Participants Applicant companies / participants of the exhibition (calling for participants)
Main contents Participant companies will proceed with their own plans except for during the official events.