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Global showcase

Date / Venue -
Participants Around 100 participants including the distinguished guests from home and abroad, participants of FIG Annual Meeting, etc.
Objectives ① To develop strategies for domestic companies to make entry into global markets by sharing overseas business plans
② To introduce domestic companies’ technology solution to personnel of overseas industry
Main presentation Foreign participants, ,stakeholders of MDB, domestic participant companies (calling for participants)

Global business meeting, MDB, advanced institutions consulting

Date / Venue -
Participants Foreign participants, stakeholders of MDB, personnel from advanced institutions, domestic industry, etc.
Objectives 1 on 1 intensive counseling on overseas advance and international tender
Method of application Register in the Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA) system

Global exhibition tour

Date / Venue -
Participants Around 70 distinguished foreign guests (including FIG participants)
Objectives Introduction to the domestic companies’ cutting-edge advanced technology
Exhibition tour A tour around the exhibition hall, using a docent program (details on the booths the participants will visit will be provided later on)

Legal advice on international contract

Date / Venue -
Participants Around 20 participants who are involved in the domestic industry
Objectives To provide legal advice on special international contracts
Legal consulting An intensive consulting to provide an understanding of the overall terms and condition of international contracts