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Smart GEO Expo 2020

Title Smart GEO Expo 2020
Date -
Venue COEX Hall C, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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2019 Program

  • 01


    A spot of sharing new generation industrial technology and future vision
    • This area contains wide ranges of the geospatial technology such as survey, geography, satellite and even more about Digital twin, IoT and AI related to convergence and Integration technologies.
    • Experience will help all the visitors to understand about geospatial in a easy way.
  • 02


    International conference for new technology and the latest trend
    • You can join the global networking party to share experiences and knowledges of spatial information technology.
    • We will discover a value of spatial information and seek a way to improve our technology such as innovation and public-private Cooperation.
  • 03

    Global Program

    International Meeting for the cooperation and development of geospatial industry
    • Global Program will lead to the advancement of the spatial industrial and commercial prosperity of each country.
    • The cooperation system will be strengthened by sharing a knowledges and successful business case through meeting.
  • 04


    Technical showcase for the activation of spatial companies in Korea and successful results
    • We provide an opportunity to showcase your geospatial information technology and have business meeting with international buyers.
    • Public institution and local government involved in spatial information will present annual plan of their main business.
  • 05

    Job Fair Program

    Job Fair Program
    • Lectures relative to geospatial information will be arranged for participants who are interested in.
    • Job and business program we offer will activate the geospatial industry.