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that has developed together with the geospatial information industry

Last 13 Years of Smart GEO Expo

The Smart GEO Expo has become an annual event since 2008 when spatial information related events such as GIS Korea. Cadastral Innovation Expo, and Measurement Day which were once separate events were integrated and expanded, owing to the reorganization of government departments related to spatial information. The Smart GEO Expo aims to promote spatial information industry development and support overseas expansion of domestic companies.

The Expo includes an exhibition program where host, organizers, and many other geospatial information-related companies and agencies take part in; International Meeting for the Advancement of the Geospatial Information Cooperation for expansion of exchange and information sharing with foreign guests; and domestic as well as international conferences. Amid rapid change in the market. Smart GEO Expo has produced various achievements by establishing the sector as an independent domain and by supporting companies in the sector for the last 13 years.

In order to look back at the past 13 years and prepare for the new decade, we would like to deliver geospatial information-related stories which the general public can easily understand and access.

We hope you will join us at the Smart GEO Expo 2020 and experience the technologies worldwide in spatial information. We hope the Expo provides you with useful experiences in industrial technologies that converge with the public.