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Purpose Seminar on the global trend of geospatial information technology and convergence technology which has changed rapidly since COVID-19
Program Procedure Selecting various conference themes accordingly by characteristics and themes of each institution with the participant number limit considering the social distancing
Expected Effect Overcoming the limitations of COEX space and providing more information of the company


Purpose Overcoming geographical and physical limitations, Maximize accessibility and maximize global impact
Date 2021. 07. 21(Wed)~07. 23(Fri) / 10:00 ~ 18:30(Korean Time Based)
Place Seller & Buyers: Conference Room 3rd Floor of COEX (South)
On-site matching: Business lounge in exhibition hall
Participants Domestic and overseas institutions / enterprises
  • Each meeting will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour
  • Meeting between Seller & Buyers - Sign up for a meeting through the online system on the Expo homepage
    - Online video meetings during the expo
  • Domestic business meeting: face-to-face meeting in the business lounge in the exhibition hall
      (On-site business lounges can be handwritten at the exhibition hall)
  • Kor/Eng Interpreter will be on the spot

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